Why use the Service of a Registered Migration Agent?

  • Australian migration act and regulations are complex and under constant review by the Government
  • We can recommend the best option for you
  • The application process is very involved
  • We ensure the application is lodged in the correct way
  • Take advantage of our expertise and experience
  • We are under strict Government  MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) control
  • We act in accordance with the Code of Conduct see:
  • We are a very professional company that provides a discreet and confidential service with integrity.

There are many different types of visas. The most commonly accessed categories are :

Permanent skill-based visas are designed to attract people of working age whose skills are recognised and valuable to Australia. These include state and territory sponsored skilled visas.

The majority of business migrants will enter Australia on a provisional (temporary) visa for 4 years and after a specified level of business or investment activity, may apply for permanent residency.

Enables Australian employers to recruit highly skilled workers from other countries or allow overseas companies to transfer ‘key’ employees to Australia.

Temporary visas are available for overseas students wanting to study in Australia.

Eligible new graduates may be able to apply for temporary or permanent visas on completion of their studies and while still in Australia.

Spouses (including defacto) and fiancés of Australian citizens and permanent residents may apply for the grant of a permanent resident visa and subsequently citizenship.

Parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents who meet certain criteria may apply for the grant of a permanent resident visa.

A dependent child, adopted child, orphan relative, last remaining close family relative, aged dependent relative or carer may apply for the grant of a permanent resident visa.

Former residents, people with distinguished talent, or close ties with Australia, may be eligible for the grant of a permanent resident visa.

Over 55’s with sufficient income and capital may apply for a retirement visa which permits an extended temporary stay in Australia.

Permits Australian permanent residents to travel to and from Australia as often as they wish, while maintaining their status as permanent residents.

There are many different types of visas and costs vary considerably.

There are various visa application fees and charges payable to the government, and these can vary depending on the visa type and whether you are applying from inside Australia or from overseas.

Almost all applicants are required to undertake an extensive medical examination for which the assessing doctor makes a charge.

Where applicants are required to undertake a skills assessment, primarily those applying for Skilled or Employer Sponsored Migration, the assessing authority makes a charge.

Other costs that may be incurred can include: the obtaining of character clearances from authorities in countries where you have lived for 12 months or more in the past 10 years; the translation of any documents that are not in English; and having certified true copies made of your original documents.

Our professional fees vary depending upon the complexity of the visa type. For example, Business Migration Visas being quite complex, are considerably more expensive, both in government charges and in our preparation fees. Accordingly, we quote individually on all visa requirements.