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Welcome A & M Australian Migration

A & M Australian Migration is one of the most well established Australian registered migration specialists with extensive connections and experience. We co-ordinate visas for people wishing to start a new life in Australia and provide employers with migration and visa solutions.

People choose to live in Australia for various reasons, and the most common migration reasons are the wonderful Australian lifestyle, opportunities, climate, quality of education, and political stability. Opportunities are available through:

  • Skilled migration
  • Employer sponsored visas
  • Business migration
  • Graduate student permanent visa
  • Partner visa
  • Parent visa
  • Family migration
  • Retirement visa
  • Visitor visas

Over the years, we have successfully helped our clients plan their life in Australia, and we believe we can help you in your migration to Australia too. A & M Australian Migration has the professionalism and reliability you can trust. Why not contact us for your first consultation TODAY. contact us for your first consultation NOW.


Email terry@amaustralianmigration.com for an assessment on your eligibility to apply for any of the above visa categories.

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